Woman beats 3-year-old boy with baseball bat, kills him for eating a cupcake – Georgia – WATCH


ATLANTA — In late 2017, 3-year-old KeJuan Mason took a cupcake out of the kitchen, an act so innocent it’s hard to imagine reacting to it in any way other than just smiling and letting him eat it.

LaShirley Morris instead reacted violently.

She beat him with a baseball bat, which prosecutors later said left bruises all over the boy’s body, while her sister, the boy’s guardian Glenndria Morris, allegedly spanked him.

Police were later called to the “roach-infested” home in southwest Atlanta after a 911 call that said he wasn’t breathing. Paramedics arrived and performed CPR, but the child died at the hospital.

Source: She beat a child to death for taking a cupcake. She pleaded guilty and will spend life behind bars.

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