Where Are They Now? President Trump Asks Nobel Prize Nadia Murad Who Previously Told Him Twice That Her Family Was Killed By ISIS

Murad: When ISIS attack us in 2014, they killed six of my brother, They killed my mom. They took me to captivity with my eleven sister-in-law, with all my sister and my nieces.

My people cannot go back. We are not million of people, we are only half million people. And after 2014, about 95 years — 95,000 years, Yazidi, they immigrate to Germany through a very dangerous way. Not because we want to be a refugee, but we cannot find a safe place to live,

All this happened to me. They killed my mom, my six brothers

Trump:  Where are they now?

Murad: They killed them. They are in the mass graves in Sinjar,

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