WATCH: ‘You should be in Brussels negotiating Brexit’ Man BLASTS UK PM Boris Johnson in Middle of Street

While walking the streets of Morley, a market town and civil parish within the City of Leeds metropolitan borough, in West Yorkshire, England the BBC caught an apparent resident who gave him a piece of his mind.

“You’re playing games, ” the man repeated several times.

“He’s been speaking for the last six weeks since he’s been elected and yet he’s said nothing! You’ve said nothing!”

The man was upset at how the British Prime Minister was handling the Brexit nightmare.

“You should be in Brussels negotiating. Where’s the negotiating going on?” he said.

He continued, “You are in Morley, in Leeds. You are playing games,” the man told Johnson after he insisted he was

Source: Boris Johnson Gets An Earful From Man On The Street: ‘You’re Playing Games’


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