WATCH: Woman Randomly Stabbed To Death While Walking Dog in Washington DC Broad Daylight

The victim’s father said she was “minding her own business and somebody just decided to attack her.”

According to the Washington Post, Magill’s screams of “Oh, no!” and “Help me!” alarmed a couple inside a nearby home. They saw her laying on the sidewalk, covered in blood, and attempted to revive her.

Magill later died at a hospital.

District police say 24-year-old Eliyas Aregahegne was arrested that night at an area apartment and charged Wednesday with first-degree murder while armed. Police didn’t immediately release a motive, but said sexual assault and robbery have been ruled out and there’s no connection between the Magill and Aregahegne.

Source: Police: Woman walking dog stabbed to death in apparently random attack


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