WATCH: Video Shows Police Slam, Cuff 15-year-old Boy for Running a Stop Sign On Bicycle


Two New Jersey Institute of Technology police officers were suspended recently after they were seen on video forcing a small 15-year-old to the ground and assaulting him over an alleged bicycle infraction. The video was posted to Twitter with the following description:

“If this happened to u at the age of 15 for not stopping what would u do? Justice needs to come for this young 15 yr old boy who was clearly frightened and harassed by NJIT police. This is ridiculous and IT NEEDS TO STOP. ”

As the video shows, you can hear the officers explain the teen is being stopped for a bicycle offense.

“We were attempting to make a bike stop before you took off on us,” one officer says.

Source: Video Shows Cops Assault, Cuff 15yo Boy for Running a Stop Sign—On His Bicycle


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