WATCH: ‘SHUT UT’! 911 Dispatcher SCOLDS Woman While She’s Drowning Then She Dies After Desperately Asking for Help – Arkansas

This will teach you next time don’t drive in the water

Debra Stevens spent the last moments of her life on the phone with a 911 operator begging for help.

Debra Stevens was working her normal newspaper delivery route in Fort Smith, Arkansas, when rising flood waters began to overtake her SUV.

The 911 dispatcher who took the call last Saturday had already resigned before she took the call, Fort Smith Interim Police Chief Danny Baker told KHBS.

Saturday morning was already scheduled to be her last shift.

Debra Stevens died when her car was swept away by flood waters. The Fort Smith Police Department released audio files of her 911 call.

In the recording, the dispatcher can be heard telling Stevens to “shut up,” telling her the incident “will teach you” and telling her not to cry. At one point she told Stevens she had put herself in danger. She also told Stevens she had other calls to take.

Source: ‘That will teach you’: Transcript shows 911 dispatcher scolded woman as she drowned


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