WATCH: Scaramucci on CNN: President Trump ‘Might Not Have Early-Stage Dementia, But He Definitely Has Early-Stage Fascism’

‘To use his own words, he is a very very bad guy’

SCARAMUCCI: “Have any of the other presidents in recent history, modern history gone after their private citizens, whether they’re celebrities or not celebrities? So you see what you’re doing is you normalizing it because of the last two and a half years this guy has acted like a bully, crazy person against his fellow citizens. He may not have early stage dementia but he’s obviously got early stage fascism. Because if you down the checklist of things that people do is they attack and they use their attack and political power to go after their private citizen. He’s gone after my wife, he’s gone after John Legend’s wife. If you want to go after me, no problem, I’m not a candidate for office, I’m just a fellow citizen. But, you know, I’m speaking out against you, go after me. You’re going to go after my wife? You’re going to go after John Legend’s wife? I mean, this guy is a despicable guy.”


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