WATCH: President Trump backs ‘right man’ UK PM Boris Johnson on ‘Brexit’, Putin to Join Next G7, has ‘second thought’ on Trade War with China at G7

US President Donald Trump on Sunday backed British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as the “right man” for Brexit and sent mixed signals about his trade war with China at a G7 summit dominated by worries about the global economy.

Johnson and Trump were on obviously friendly terms as they sat down for a working breakfast in the southern French resort of Biarritz where Group of Seven leaders are gathering this weekend.

Source: Trump backs Boris Johnson, sends mixed signals on China at G7

Q    Mr. President, do you think that you will invite Putin to next year’s G7, sir?

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  That, I don’t know.  We did discuss it.  We had a very good discussion on Russia and President Putin, and a lively discussion, but, really, a good one.  And it’s certainly —


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