WATCH: PAINFUL Footage of Pregnant Woman FORCED to Deliver Baby ALL BY HERSELF in Prison, NO Medical Treatment – DEnver, Colorado

THIS is the shocking moment a woman gives birth alone in a filthy jail cell after prison officials are said to have refused to help.

Diana Sanchez, 26, gave birth to her son Jordan inside a Denver County jail on July 31, 2018 and now the mum has launched a lawsuit against the US city and county officials.

CCTV footage, which was recently released, shows Sanchez giving birth at 10.44am, almost six hours after his mother first told a guard she was going into labour.

The guard is said to have refused to come to her aid even after her waters broke an hour after she alerted him.

Source: Distressing video shows pregnant woman give birth alone in filthy jail cell

Woman alleges she gave birth alone in Denver County Jail cell with no medical treatment


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