WATCH: NBC Chuck Todd: ‘Is It Possible to Have the Biden Gaffe Conversation Without Having the Trump Lies Conversation?’

CHUCK TODD: Welcome back. This was supposed to be the year of generational change in American politics, particularly for the Democrats. With far more millennials and Gen X’ers now than Baby Boomers, and with the voting population becoming more diverse, you might expect the leading presidential candidates to look something like the people electing them. Instead, we very well could wind up with a presidential match-up between Donald Trump, who was born at the start of the Baby Boom era and will be 74 on Election Day and Joe Biden who is too old to be a Baby Boomer, and will be 77 on Election Day — just two weeks shy of turning 78. And let’s say Biden doesn’t make it. Right behind him are Elizabeth Warren, who will be 71… and Bernie Sanders who will be 78 and was born before Pearl Harbor. All came of age in their 20’s during the Age of Aquarius, but the Age of Aquarius itself is 50 years old. For Biden, whispers about his age have grown louder, especially given some recent verbal face plants. But the question is: In the age of Trump, is it possible to have the Biden gaffe conversation… without having the Trump lies conversation?


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