WATCH: Man Mistakenly Beaten To Death ‘Cause Gang Thought He Was A Sex Offender – Modesto

The suspects used their “bodily force to bludgeon” the man to death, police said.

Investigators say two men, Matthew Arguello and Ruben Rosales, confronted Decker in Griffin Park, believing he was a registered sex offender.

Decker was not a sex offender, police said.

Investigators say during the attack, Decker pleaded with the suspects to stop. Instead, police said the two men beat him until he was unconscious.

The attack was unprovoked and gang motivated, according to investigators.

Arguello is now in custody but investigators say Rosales is a dangerous man and is on the run.

Source: Police: Men Mistook Homeless Man for Sex Offender, Beat Him to Death


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