WATCH: Joe Biden Claims He Worked with Obama on Dreamer Program in … 1976

Former vice president Joe Biden on Thursday could not remember during which century the Obama administration took place, and also called a voter a “damn liar.”

Speaking in New Hampton, Iowa, at a stop on his “No Malarkey” tour, Biden worked to recall the year the Obama administration signed an executive order, ending up with the year 1976.

“There’s the Dreamers program, there’s also a program that said we’re not going to separate families, we’re going to allow families to stay together while they go through the process, and the Court said you can’t … We did that in 1976,” he said.

“And, I mean—I’m sorry, excuse me,” he added. “Backing up here—2014.”

Source: ‘I’m Sorry, Excuse Me’: Biden Off by 40 Years, Mistakes 1976 for 2014

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