WATCH: Jet Skiers Rescue Multiple Lives in Flooded Bahamas as Hurricane Dorian Strikes

BAHAMAS — Waters rose, beating against the house as a family of three hunkered on the second floor. Hour by hour, they checked the staircase to see how many steps had been lost to the water. Michael Pintard , the Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources in the Bahamas, had been making calls for help.

He knew his family was in grave danger when flood waters from Hurricane Dorian shattered windows and blew through the door of their Freeport home.

Pintard’s wife heard jet ski engines outside on Tuesday. Help had arrived in the form of three friendly faces sitting atop two jet skis. They grabbed their 6-year-old daughter and rushed out to their rescuers.

Source: Jet skiers saved 100 people trapped in flooded homes in the Bahamas


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