WATCH: ‘Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!!’ Schiff Desperately Begs Nadler for A Chance to Make Trump Impeachment Closing Remarks

Video of the closing statement by the Democratic impeachment managers at the Senate trial on Thursday has generated some headlines and a lot of online hilarity and mockery from the right, including President Trump.

The clip appears to show House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) obstinately taking it upon himself to have the final word in the trial Thursday, while fellow impeachment manager House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) tries in vain to stop him.

Nadler’s furious rush to the podium was prompted by Chief Justice Roberts asking the Democratic impeachment managers, “Could you please respond to the answer just given by the president’s counsel and provide any other comments the Senate would benefit from hearing before we adjourn for the evening?”

In response, a determined Nadler stormed up to the podium, while Schiff pleaded, “Jerry, Jerry, Jerry,” as he stepped toward his colleague, who paid him no heed.

Source: Viral Video: Democrats Compete Over Impeachment Closing Remarks. Trump: ‘They Are Fighting Big Time!’

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