WATCH: ‘… if I’d Take My Jean OFF?’ Videos released of Jeffrey Epstein’s teen victims

Decade old interviews reveal intimate details of Epstein’s alleged crimes

“Every girl that meets Jeffrey starts off with giving him a massage. The more you do with him, the more you make,” explained one of the first they talked to. “Basically, if you take off your clothes you’re going to make more. If you let him do things to you, you’re going to make more.”

“By do things you mean touch you?” asked a detective.

“Yes, touch you in inappropriate places,” she answered.

The teen said she was recruited to go to Epstein’s when she was 16, but she wouldn’t do everything Epstein wanted.

“I did it naked but I wouldn’t let him touch me or anything like that. So after that, he says, ‘You know what, listen, I’ll pay you $200 for every girl you bring to me,'” she said.

Source: New: Police videos released of teen victims who first accused Jeffrey Epstein

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