WATCH: Homeless Man Punches 7-Year-Old Autistic Boy’s Face So Hard His 2 Teeth Fell Out

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A Manhattan child recovering after police say a homeless man randomly attacked him. It happened while he was out with his grandmother on the west side.

The child, 7-year-old Yaromir Potapova, still smiles big but a closer look shows he’s missing one of his two adult front teeth, reports CBS2’s Andrea Grymes.

She says last Wednesday morning Yaromir was riding his scooter with his little sister and grandmother on the West Side Highway near 52nd Street.

“A guy jumped out of a bench, hit him in the face,” said Valeriya. “He didn’t say anything, just hit him in the face and walk away.”

Police say witnesses saw it, and a state trooper nearby tussled with the suspect, identified as 67-year-old Ryan Fran, before arresting him.

“It shouldn’t be like this, people with mental issues shouldn’t walk outside,” said Valeriya. “We might be lucky because he didn’t have a knife, he didn’t hit him with a rock. He didn’t kill him.”

Source: Exclusive: Homeless Man Attacks Autistic 7-Year-Old, Knocks Out Boy’s Teeth


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