WATCH: Finally, She Wins (Pee Before We Go) ‘PB4WEGO’ License Plate Battle

ROCHESTER, N.H. – A New Hampshire woman who was fighting the state Department of Motor Vehicles over her 15-year-old vanity license plate showing a common parental phrase got the green light to keep her plates.

Wendy Auger, of Rochester, was asked to surrender the plate, which reads “PB4WEGO,” a common phrase used by parents before hitting the road with their kids. The state says phrases related to excretory acts aren’t permitted.

On Wednesday, however, after Auger’s story had gone viral, N.H. Governor Chris Sununu reached out to her, telling her she’s been authorized to keep “PB4WEGO”.

Source: New Hampshire woman allowed to keep ‘PB4WEGO’ vanity license plate

Governor steps in to help woman keep ‘PB4WEGO’ vanity plate


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