WATCH: CRAZY Footage Shows Naked NBA Player Mateen Cleaves Dragging Half-Naked Woman to His Motel Room 

The surveillance video, which was played in court but not allowed to be broadcast while the trial was ongoing, was taken outside of the Knights Inn Motel in Grand Blanc. The struggle, prosecutors say, took place between 1:30AM and 2:00AM. It was released today by the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office through a public records request.

The first clip shows Cleaves’ accuser walking away from the motel partially nude, followed closely by Cleaves in pursuit. Cleaves is seen wearing only socks.

The video shows Cleaves grab the woman, who we are not identifying, spin her around and pull her back towards the room she just tried to leave. She resists, bending her knees and trying to pull away.

Source: Jurors acquitted Mateen Cleaves, prosecutors say this video proved his guilt

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