WATCH: Bianca Andreescu Says ‘SORRY’ for Defeating Serena Williams, Showing The Most Canadian Way Possible

Twitter is going wild over Bianca Andreescu, not just for her stunning upset of tennis icon Serena Williams, but because she proved a long-lived Canadian stereotype by apologizing after her win.

In an interview after the win, Andreescu was asked about the second half of the match, when Serena seemed poised to make a comeback. She was asked what her biggest obstacle to overcome in that moment was.

Andreescu pondered the question. Then, a smile.

“Definitely the crowd,” she said, laughing sheepishly. As the audience of over 20,000 Americans roared, she turned away from the interviewer to send her words out to them, her hands held up beseechingly.

“I know you guys wanted Serena to win, so I’m so sorry!”

Source: The most Canadian way to accept a trophy? Bianca Andreescu says ‘sorry’


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