WATCH: Berlin ‘Execution-style’ Killing, Man Shot Twice in the Head, Happened in This Kleiner Tiergarten Park

A 40-year-old Georgian man was shot to death in a Berlin park by a man on a bicycle. Police have arrested a Russian national over the killing, but authorities are still trying to determine the motive behind the attack.

A suspect approached the victim from behind, shooting him twice in the head before fleeing on his bicycle, the witness said.

Source: Berlin police probe ‘execution-style’ killing in park

A 49-year-old Russian citizen from Chechnya was arrested in Berlin, police announced on Sunday, in relation to a murder which happened in the German capital’s Moabit neighbourhood on Friday.

The murder was committed in a park called Kleiner Tiergarten.

Footage from Sunday shows pale traces of blood at the crime scene, along with torn police tapes which were used to seal off the area during the investigation.

Source: Germany: Police arrest Russian citizen in Berlin murder probe

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