VIDEO: UK Trophy hunter man Jimmy Price stabs and slices small deer’s throat ALIVE – WATCH

Jimmy Price is seen stabbing a live deer before another man continues to slice its throat, they leave it lifeless on the ground.

A trophy hunter filmed himself stabbing a young deer and leaving it to bleed to death before taking pictures with dead hares during an illegal hunt.

immy Price, 25, was convicted of taking part in a hare-coursing game that saw entrants win £1,000 in prize money for the person who produced the most evidence of dead hares.

Police arrested Price in November 2018 after they received reports of men hare-coursing, a sport which was banned as part of the Hunting Act 2004.

Price’s phone was confiscated and handed to the RSPCA for investigation.

Source: RSPCA: Men stab and slice through deer’s throat | Videos |

A man has been convicted of four hunting charges after a court was shown horrific video footage of him stabbing a young deer as well as “trophy” pictures of his holding up dead hares.

Jimmy Price, 25, of Forstal Farm, Well Street, Loose, was arrested by police in Marsh Lane, Felixstowe, in November 2018, after they received reports of four men hare-coursing.

Source: Man from Loose in Maidstone convicted of stabbing a deer

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