VIDEO: Russian security services arrest terrorists following US Intel that Putin thanks Trump for – WATCH

Footage showed armed members of Russia’s FSB detaining the two suspects and uncovering boxes of shotgun shells, as well as knives, which the Kremlin said were intended for a New Year’s attack.

  • Putin thanked Trump ‘for information transmitted through the special services’
  • Russian security forces detained two Russians suspected of preparing terrorism
  • Kremlin said they planned atrocities on St. Petersburg during the celebration
  • Security service said it was grateful for intelligence from its ‘American partners’

    The Kremlin has released dramatic footage showing its security forces swooping on terror suspects after claiming they were given an FBI-tip-off of a New Year’s attack.

Source: Dramatic moment Russian security services used FBI tip-off to swoop on Russian terror suspects ‘plotting New Year’s attack’ as Kremlin says Putin called President Trump to thank him

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