VIDEO: Racist woman tells London-raised Hijab-wearing 16-year-old Muslim girl to GET OUT of her house – WATCH

The video shows the girl being verbally abused in Croydon, South London, by the woman because she was wearing a head covering. The girl’s sister Lareb Naseem (left) posted the footage online.

She wrote: ‘It hasn’t even been a week. I can’t even believe it. You really can’t make it up. We’ve lived in Croydon for over 12 years. Lived in England since 1995.

I’m stumped. This is my 16-year-old sister minding her damn business trying to commute to college like she’s done every day.’

In the video of the abuse, the abuser’s face cannot be seen. But she is heard saying: ‘You need to move away from your house you need to move away from the area.’

‘What have I done?’ the teenager replied. The aggressor added: ‘Do you understand you are a problem in the community. You have caused a problem.’

The teen said back: ‘Me personally? Are you talking about me being a hijabi? I’m a problem in the community for living my own life and minding my own business?’

Source: Muslim schoolgirl, 16, in hijab films racist woman telling her ‘move away’ from her London home

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