VIDEO: Police shoot man stabbing 2 people in Ghent Belgium moments after London attack

The Bevrijdingslaan in Ghent is currently closed after, according to bystanders, the police opened fire on a man. He would have previously attacked two others with a knife. The shot man is reportedly hit in the hand. Whether the victims he attacked with his knife suffered injuries is not clear. The public prosecutor’s office abstains from commenting for the time being.

The Bevrijdingslaan is closed off between Tulpstraat and Acaciastraat. According to bystanders on the street, a man with dark skin would have attacked two people with a knife. One of the two would have been hit in the belly. A police patrol present in the area rushed on the spot and intervened. The police were able to neutralize the attacker by shooting him in the hand. A tent was set up to hide the injured. It is not yet clear how they stand.

For the time being, the East Flanders Public Prosecutor’s Office can only confirm that an incident has occurred and is investigating the events.

WATCH VIDEO: Bevrijdingslaan in Gent afgesloten na schietincident

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