VIDEO: NYPD officer shot to death by police while struggling with suspect taking his gun – WATCH

EDENWALD, Bronx (WABC) — New police bodycam video shows the dramatic and intense confrontation that led to the death of an NYPD officer earlier this fall.

Officers were in pursuit of a suspect, Antonio Williams, who was fighting for the gun of Officer Brian Mulkeen.

“He’s reaching for it, he’s reaching for it,” Mulkeen can be heard yelling.

The second officer, Robert Wichers strikes the suspect over the head multiple times. Mulkeen’s gun goes off and Wichers stepped back and fired one shot. At that moment, a second unit arrived and three other officers fired their weapons from a position across the lawn from a distance shown on their body cameras.

During the discharge, Mulkeen and Williams were struck by rounds discharged by the officers.

Source: New bodycam video shows confrontation that led to death of NYPD officer

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