VIDEO: Massive brawl at Ab Salute training facility in Brentwood, Essex – WATCH:

The group of gym-goers grabbed exercise equipment to use as weapons during the terrifying scrap at the Ab Salute training facility in Brentwood, Essex

An enraged gym-goer was filmed battering a man with a metal bar as a mass brawl erupted at a fitness centre.

At least two men were seen swinging punches and metal pull-up bars inside Ab Salute gym in Brentwood, Essex, last Wednesday.

The incident left a 17-year-old boy suffered bruising and cuts and a 27-year-old man suffered a cut above his eye, Essex Police said.

Video shows the group running towards the weights station before a voice is heard saying: “F***ing hell man.”

A man in a blue top is seen running away from another lad dressed in black who tackles him onto a set of weights.

He is immediately jumped on by a man in a grey top, who is then set upon by two men brandishing metal exercise bars

Source: Mass brawl breaks out at gym as men swing punches, dumbbells and pull-up bars


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