Chilling VIDEO: Man tells police ‘I killed them’ after stabbing  3-week-old baby and mom to death for loving their son – WATCH

Police have released footage of the arrest of a controlling and abusive father moments after he had stabbed his three-week-old son to death and left his partner for dead.

Denis Beytula, 27, stabbed Andrei Steffan two times in the torso before turning the knife on his fiancée Andreea Steffan and stabbing her six times.

He then calmly dialled 999 and told the call handler: “I have just killed my wife and baby.”

The new father was jailed for life on Thursday and will serve a minimum of 23 years behind bars for the attack on his family in October.

Source: ‘I killed them’: Police release video of man moments after he stabbed three-week-old son to death and left mother for dead

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