VIDEO: Man Brutally Kicks Woman’s Stomach as They Fight inside Bronx train to Subway platform – WATCH

Disturbing video footage of a fight between a man and a woman on a New York City subway train surfaced online Thursday.

The video, initially shared by a Twitter user whose account has since been locked, showed a man roughly pushing a woman into a seat on the Bronx 6 train.

He then pulled her onto the floor as she continued to hit and kick him, then turned and walked away. A few seconds later, she got up and kept fighting with him.

“No, step out man, step out,” a passenger told the man as the train came to a halt. He then reached up and grabbed the woman by the hair and dragged her out the open door onto the concrete platform.

Source: VIDEO: Man Allegedly Fights, Drags Woman from Bronx Subway Train

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