VIDEO: Joe Biden Scares The Sh*t Out of Reporter Asking About His Attacks on Sanders  – WATCH

Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden had an extremely bizarre and unsettling reaction to a reporter asking him about his latest attacks on fellow candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Appearing at a campaign event in Mason City, Iowa, Biden was asked by Ed O’Keefe of CBS why he continued to attack Sanders, despite accepting his apology over an op-ed by one of the Vermont senator’s surrogates, which called the former Vice President “corrupt.” In response to the question,

Biden turned to the reporter and repeatedly shouted “why why why why why why” before telling the reporter to “calm down,” adding “you’re getting nervous, man.” Why why why Joe Biden?

Source: CREEPY AND BIZARRE: Biden Has INSANE Meltdown on Reporter When Asked About His Attacks on Sanders (VIDEO)

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