VIDEO: ‘I’ve been shot’ Almost gun-executed man begs for help at stranger’s door caught on camera – WATCH

The 32-year-old from San Diego is now hospitalized after being shot in the back.

Three teenagers have been arrested for the crimes, including two minors, a 16-year-old and 17-year-old. The only adult involved in the violent crime spree is Roderick Smith, 18, who is an already convicted felon according to the police report.

The violence began as the victim, Anthony, was sleeping in his car outside an apartment complex near 44th Street and Baseline. Anthony told detectives he woke up to three people outside the vehicle, pointing a gun at his face.

… He stumbled up frantically to Jerry’s Ring doorbell and pressed it just as the firefighter’s 5 a.m. alarm was going off.

“Who is it,” yells Jerry.
“It’s Anthony. I’ve been shot.”
“Who’s Anthony?”
“Call 911!”

Source: Fiesta Bowl fan kidnapped and nearly killed in north Phoenix

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