VIDEO: Gunman crawls from car through McDonald’s drive-thru window, terrorizes workers inside – WATCH

HOUSTON, Texas — Police are looking for at least two people responsible for terrorizing workers at an east Houston McDonald’s earlier this week.

A green Nissan Xterra is seen pulling into the drive-thru line at the restaurant on the East Freeway near Mercury. A hooded person in the back of the vehicle was caught on camera crawling out of the car window and through the drive-thru window with a gun.

The gunman chased one of the employees to the back of the restaurant, while another worker crouched on the floor and hid. The suspect crawled back out of the drive-thru window and took off in the Xterra. It wasn’t clear if the suspects were attempting a robbery or targeting someone inside.

Source: Gunman crawls through McDonald’s drive-thru, terrorizes workers

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