VIDEO: Armed store clerk shoots, kills robber at Kam’s Market, California  – WATCH

A military veteran working as a clerk at a Bay Point market fatally shot a robbery suspect late Sunday night after being pistol-whipped in a violent attack caught on camera.

The robbery and shooting happened around 11 p.m. at Kam’s Market located along Port Chicago Highway.

Mark Kasprowicz was working behind the counter when two suspects entered the market. One suspect went to the back of the market to hold a manager at gunpoint while the other one went behind the counter, pistol-whipped Kasprowicz and started pulling cash out of a register.

When Kasprowicz reached for a gun in a drawer next to the register, the suspect attacked him again, but Kasprowicz managed to open fire, striking the suspect.

Source: Clerk Fatally Shoots Robbery Suspect at Bay Point Market

WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO: A military veteran shot and killed a robbery suspect after he was pistol-whipped at a grocery store in Bay Point.

BAY POINT, Calif. (KGO) — ABC7 News has obtained surveillance video of a grocery store robbery in Contra Costa County. It ended with the store clerk killing and shooting one of the robbers; the clerk is okay.

This all happened last night at Kam’s Market in Bay Point.

Source: VIDEO: Grocery store clerk shoots, kills robbery suspect in Bay Point

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