VIDEO: ‘Get off my weapon’: Police struggle with man masturbating on Vancouver bus, Canada – WATCH

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A frightening moment for some people taking the bus in Vancouver on Thursday night was caught on camera.

Vancouver police say they were responding to calls suggesting a man had exposed himself on the bus, but won’t confirm witness reports that while doing so, the suspect apparently lunged for one of the officers’ weapons.

Source: ‘Get off my weapon’: Video captures police struggle with man accused of exposing himself on Vancouver bus

 A VPD officer was assaulted Thursday evening while attempting to remove a man performing an indecent act from a bus.

In a news release Friday, police said they responded to a call for assistance on a 99 bus near Broadway and Heather Street just after 6 p.m, where a male passenger was allegedly masturbating in his seat.

Source: VPD officer assaulted while trying to remove alleged masturbator from bus

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