The tunnel that changed Europe forever

In the 25 years since it opened, the Channel Tunnel has been hailed as wonder of the modern world and become a vital link between the UK and mainland Europe.

Pulling out from beneath St Pancras’s magnificent wrought iron roof, the Eurostar slipping through tunnels towards the Kent countryside, it’s easy to feel blasé about taking a train from London to mainland Europe.
From the ease of checking in at the UK’s finest rail station just 30 minutes before departure to arriving in the heart of Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam without having to deal with baggage reclaim, traveling by rail to northern Europe feels both seamless and everyday.
Likewise, driving onto a dedicated train Eurotunnel Le Shuttle service near Folkestone for a 35-minute ride to Calais, far quicker than using a ferry across the English Channel, is now seen as completely normal.

Source: The tunnel that changed Europe forever

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