The 12 Best Places for Shopping in Bermuda

This tiny island is seriously upping its retail game.

In addition to candy colored cottages and dreamy pink sand beaches, Bermuda also is known for its quaint shops and boutiques where you can take home an authentic reminder of your stay, including colorful-knee length shorts, handcrafted cedar carvings, and island-inspired pottery and perfume. But take a long look around and you’ll quickly see that this tiny island is significantly upping its retail game. Thanks to the arrival of a handful of high-styled concept stores, Bermuda is also where you’ll find designer clothes, modern housewares, and fine jewelry. Considering the entire lot is sold without additional sales tax, there’s a good chance you’ll be returning home with a few choice deals packed in your bags. Wondering where to start? Read on for our editors’ picks of where to shop in Bermuda: The 12 Best Places for Shopping in Bermuda

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