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10 Best Travel Destinations For Art Lovers

For a true flavour of a destination, its people, and cultures, there is no missing the art, whether it be in a museum, architecture or on the streets.

From iconic masterpieces in art history, to the contemporary artworks of today, we list of the best travel destinations for art lovers.

This list would not be complete without Paris, Europe’s long-time hub of culture. The French capital has inspired numerous great and iconic artists, such as Dali, Van Gogh, and Picasso, and you can witness many of their works at the city’s numerous exhibitions and spaces.  Unmissables include the world’s most visited museum, the Louvre and the quieter, but no less impressive, Musee RodinOrsay Museum, and Centre Pompidou and Palais de Tokyo, for contemporary art — just to name a few. Or simply roam the streets of Paris, such as within the Oberkampf district, to discover some of its colourful street art.

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Look inside 10 Best of the world’s top 100 hotels revealed…

Readers of Travel + Leisure gave The Leela Palace Udaipur 98.89 out of 100 in the publication’s annual ‘World’s Best 100 Hotels’ awards, which earned it the top spot.

The 72-room, eight-suite Rajasthan hotel was lauded for its ‘breathtaking view of Lake Pichola’, ‘excellent facilities’, and its emphasis on good service. One fan said the spot would be ‘ideal for honeymoons or special celebrations’ because of its romantic atmosphere.  

In second place was The Lodge & Spa at Brush Creek Ranch in Wyoming – with an overall score of 98.67. 

For wildlife fanatics third prize winner Singita Sabi Sand in South Africa might appeal. It has three rustic-styled luxury lodges set within a sprawling privately owned game reserve.

Scroll down for a tour of the hotels that made it into the top 10. 

Source: The world’s top 100 hotels revealed…

6 must-see bars for the global traveller 

Brooklyn Gin Brand ambassador Damon Boelte shares his top 6 bars for travellers to check out.

If you love sampling a good drink during your travels, do not stop reading. Brooklyn Gin Brand ambassador Damon Boelte, who recently visited South Africa, shares his must-visit bars with us. Here are 6 of his favourites: … continue reading 6 must-see bars for the global traveller | IOL Travel

10 Beaches So Gorgeous They Look Fake

Many of us dream of white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Whether we are jumping in to enjoy activities like snorkeling and surfing or whether we prefer to lounge on a towel with a drink in hand in order to work on that tan, a tropical vacation can be just what the doctor ordered!

If anyone out there is planning that dream trip (or even just creating a drool-worthy bucket list), be sure to add these locales to that to-do list; each one is better than the next, almost too good to be true, and so gorgeous that it seems fake. Continue at Source: 10 Beaches So Gorgeous They Look Fake

7 most beautiful sunset spots in the world

Perhaps the most spectacular sight one can see while trotting the globe is a truly breathtaking sunset, when the final blaze of evening light floods the landscape – whether its a forest canopy, a barren desert or a gently lapping ocean tide.

And if you love to capture these moments for posterity, you aren’t alone – according to data recently gathered by Forbes, 286 million images of sunsets were uploaded to Instagram in 2018.

If you fancy your own Instagrammable slice of twilight paradise, here are seven spots that have grown famous for their sunsets: … Continue at Source: Seven most beautiful sunset spots in the world

10 Stunning Libraries That Are Worth Planning A Trip To See

Normally, libraries are not a must-see location on your travels, but these ten astounding libraries will make the trip worth it.

If you happen to consider yourself a bookworm, you probably have a favorite library that caters to your studying, reading, and productive needs. If you love reading, exploring, and learning all at the same time, then you might find yourself fascinated by larger, more spacious libraries across the world!

The libraries below are some of the most gorgeous, unique, and carefully crafted feats of architecture in the world. Located all around the globe, these buildings are built to serve those with a thirst for knowledge and an appreciation for fine craftsmanship. Getting lost in the library is definitely recommended, in these cases!

Keep scrolling to explore our list of some of the most visually appealing libraries on the planet. Continue at Source: 10 Stunning Libraries That Are Worth Planning A Trip To See

10 Stunning Rooftop Pools From Around The World With Incredible Views

Lounging by the pool can be the ultimate relaxation spot when on vacation, but sometimes it feels like if you’ve seen one hotel pool, you’ve seen them all. This isn’t the case with rooftop pools, however, as their amazing scenic views are hard to forget. The only thing more soothing than a fancy pool?

A fancy pool with stunning scenery. While access to rooftop pools can often cost a pretty penny, even just looking at pictures of them can help put you at ease. Here are ten of the most gorgeous rooftop pools from around the world that you might be tempted to start saving up for. Continue at Source: 10 Stunning Rooftop Pools From Around The World With Incredible Views

15 best cities in the world, ranked

Hoi An, Vietnam, tops the Travel + Leisure’s list of the “World’s Best Cities,” and three of the top five destinations are located in Mexico.

With its canal-laden Ancient Town and famous Japanese Covered Bridge, Hoi An has been named the best city in the world.

Hoi An, located on Vietnam’s central coast, topped Travel + Leisure‘s “World’s Best Cities” 2019 list. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, followed close behind at second on the list, while Chiang Mai, Thailand, took third.

Three of the top five places on Travel + Leisure’s list are cities located in Mexico, while two US destinations — Charleston, South Carolina, and Santa Fe, New Mexico — ranked among the top 16 cities in the world.

Check out the full ranking of the world’s best places to visit below. Continue at Source: The 15 best cities in the world, ranked

28 Best Libraries in the World

From oldest to largest, most popular to smallest, explore the planet and update your travel plans with this list of the best libraries in the world.

In his keynote speech for the American Library Association’s 2019 annual conference, Jason Reynolds spoke of libraries as “sacred” spaces. I’m inclined to agree. There are many of us for whom libraries are very close to sacred spaces of worship, and the architecture of many of them rivals some of the world’s most famous cathedrals, mosques, and Buddhist temples. I also find it no coincidence that many of the best libraries in the world have ties to holy places as well.

While the library of my dreams is a fictional one (Beauty and the Beast), there are many in this world that give it stiff competition. Here’s some of the best libraries in the world: the oldest, the largest, and more. Continue at Source: Visit 28 of the Best Libraries in the World | Book Riot

100 Best Hotels in The World, Ranked 2019

Year to year, we see our readers’ travel habits shift, as some destinations suddenly explode in popularity (hello, Portugal and Iceland) and others experience a cooling, perhaps due to geopolitical events or an unfavorable exchange rate. And this, of course, trickles down into our World’s Best results, particularly when it comes to ranking the top 100 hotels on the planet. But one thing remains a constant: the properties that make this selective list are all incredible ambassadors for their home countries, delivering intuitive service and luxury experiences that can truly make a vacation. Continue at Source: The list is in! These are the top 100 hotels in the world #TLWorldsBest