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China vows to retaliate if Trump signs bills to support Hong Kong protesters – REPORT

Beijing warns Washington of ‘strong countermeasures’ if Trump signs off on legislation supporting Hong Kong protesters.

China has called on US President Donald Trump to veto legislation aimed at supporting Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protest movement, warning it will retaliate if the Congress-backed bills become law.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang on Thursday said the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act undermined Beijing’s interests in the semi-autonomous territory, which has been rocked by months of anti-government demonstrations.

Source: China demands Trump veto bills on Hong Kong


Australia announces ending partnership with China on human rights over Uighurs treatment – WATCH

Australia’s human rights partnership with China has been “quietly” suspended over Beijing’s mass detention of Uighurs, its treatment of democracy protests in Hong Kong, and its banning of two Australian MPs critical of its actions.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade says the Human Rights Technical Co-operation Program worth $7.4 million over three years, aimed at advancing human rights reform, has been suspended after more than two decades.

Source: Australia ends human rights partnership with China

Trump to Kim Jong-un: Don’t call Biden a ‘rabid dog’ … you should act quickly, see you soon …

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump issued a rare – if tepid – defence of Joe Biden on Sunday (Nov 17), saying Pyongyang’s depiction of him as “a rabid dog” who should be “beaten to death” went a bit too far.

“Joe Biden may be Sleepy and Very Slow,” Trump tweeted, using his nicknames for the former vice president and potential Democratic presidential candidate, “but he is not a ‘rabid dog.’ He is actually somewhat better than that.”

Source: Trump says North Korea went too far in calling Biden ‘rabid dog’

North Korea calls Joe Biden ‘rabid dog’ that ‘must be beaten to death’

Seoul (AFP) North Korea has launched a visceral diatribe against US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, calling the former vice-president a “rabid dog” — while also borrowing the terminology of Donald Trump.

Biden “had the temerity to dare slander the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK”, the North’s official KCNA news agency said late Thursday, referring to the country by its official name.

“Rabid dogs like Biden can hurt lots of people if they are allowed to run about,” it went on. “They must be beaten to death with a stick.

“Doing so will be beneficial for the US also,” it added.

Source: North Korea calls Biden ‘rabid dog’ that ‘must be beaten to death’

REPORT: China tests news sub-launched nuclear missile that could wipe out American cities from its own waters

CHINA has tested a new submarine-launched nuclear missile capable of travelling across the Pacific ocean and destroying San Francisco.

The terrifying JL-3 ballistic rocket was unveiled in Bohai Bay, east of Beijing, in the Yellow Sea last month, sources said.

The city-destroying weapon, which can carry nuclear warheads, has a range of 5,600 miles – which is longer than its JL-2 predecessor which had a range of only 4,350 miles.

This boost in range means the Communist Party, led by President Xi Jinping, can unleash a nuclear attack on the US West Coast from the security of its own waters.

Source: China tests news sub-launched nuclear missile that could obliterate American cities from its own waters

Vietnam bans China-made smartphones with maps of ‘9-dash line’: all Chinese-made smartphones and car GPS navigation devices will be confiscated

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Vietnam’s government announced on Friday (Nov. 8) that all Chinese-made smartphones and car GPS navigation devices that depict China’s fictitious “nine-dash line” in the South China Sea will be confiscated.

Vietnam’s state-owned VTC News announced that any smartphones built by Chinese companies, such as Huawei and Xiaomi, or GPS automotive navigation devices, which contain maps displaying the disputed nine-dash line, will be confiscated by customs officials. The General Department of Vietnam Customs said it would instruct the relevant departments to take measures to stop “violations of Vietnam’s territorial sovereignty.”

Source: Vietnam bans China-made smartphones with maps… | Taiwan News