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WARNING: Iran Keeps Enriching Uranium Using Advanced Centrifuges To Violate Nuclear Deal, Heightens Tension with The U.S. 

Tehran, Iran — Iran has begun using arrays of advanced centrifuges to enrich uranium in violation of its 2015 nuclear deal, a spokesman said Saturday, warning that Europe has little time left to offer new terms to save the accord.

Source: Iran using advanced centrifuges, violating nuclear deal


BREAKING- LOOK: Iran is building MASSIVE secret military base in Syria

Iran has established a new military base in Syria and has plans to house thousands of troops at the location, according to multiple Western intelligence sources.

The classified Iranian project, called the Imam Ali compound, was approved by top leadership in Tehran and is being completed by the Iranian al-Quds Forces.

Using a civilian satellite company, Fox News verified the information and obtained images that show a base being constructed on the Syria-Iraq border.

Source: Iran building new classified military base in Syria: intelligence sources

OOPS: Trump DESTROYS G7 Dinner by Requesting Russia to be Rejoined the Group

Donald Trump has rowed with his fellow G7 leaders over his demand that Russia be readmitted to the group, rejecting arguments that it should remain an association of liberal democracies, according to diplomats at the summit in Biarritz.

The disagreement led to heated exchanges at a dinner on Saturday night inside the seaside resort’s 19th-century lighthouse. According to diplomatic sources, Trump argued strenuously that Vladimir Putin should be invited back, five years after Russia was ejected from the then G8) for its annexation of Crimea.

Of the other leaders around the table, only Giuseppe Conte, the outgoing Italian prime minister, offered Trump any support, according to this account. Shinzo Abe of Japan was neutral. The rest – the UK’s Boris Johnson, Germany’s Angela Merkel, Canada’s Justin Trudeau, the EU council president, Donald Tusk, and the French president, Emmanuel Macron – pushed back firmly against the suggestion.

“On that point … it became a bit tense to say the least,” a European diplomat said. “Most of the other leaders insisted on this being a family, a club, a community of liberal democracies and for that reason they said you cannot allow President Putin – who does not represent that – back in.”

Source: G7: Trump’s demands for Russia’s readmission cause row in Biarritz

WATCH: Palestine President Abbas declares: “We shall enter Jerusalem” with “millions of fighters!” [VIDEO]

Abbas declares: “We shall enter Jerusalem – millions of fighters!”

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has vowed the Palestinians “will enter Jerusalem” with “millions of fighters”.

In a video uploaded to Abbas’ Facebook page on August 10, and reported this week by the Middle East Media Research Institute [MEMRI], the Palestinian president stated that the Palestinian people “shall remain [here], and nobody can remove us from our homeland.”

Abbas responded to the chant by proclaiming, “We shall enter Jerusalem — millions of fighters! We shall enter it! All of us, the entire Palestinian people, the entire Arab nation, the Islamic nation, and the Christian nation… They shall all enter Jerusalem.”

Source: Abbas declares: “We shall enter Jerusalem – millions of fighters!”

BREAKING: North Korea launches short-range missiles again, complicating US attempts for talks

North Korea fired what appears to be two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea off its east coast on Saturday, the South Korean military said, the latest in a series of launches in recent weeks.

A US official said the two missiles North Korea had fired appeared to be similar to launches in recent weeks.

Saturday’s launch, the seventh by North Korea since US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met at the inter-Korean border in June, have complicated attempts to restart talks between US and North Korean negotiators over the future of Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programmes.

Source: North Korea launches short-range missiles again, complicating US attempts for talks

WATCH: Putin orders Russia military to launch missile in ‘symmetrical’ response to US test, says Washington worked to breach INF

The Russian Armed Forces will scrutinize a recent cruise missile test, conducted by the US after ditching the landmark INF Treaty, and examine reciprocal measures. However, Moscow says it is not aiming for an arms race.

President Vladimir Putin has ordered the Defense Ministry and other bodies to “study the level of threat posed by these US actions and take exhaustive measures to prepare a symmetrical response.”

Putin was speaking just days after the US military test-fired a ground version of Tomahawk cruise missile that travelled about 500km (310 miles) before hitting a mock target.

Source: Putin orders ‘symmetrical’ response to US missile test, says Washington worked to breach INF