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News anchor emails bosses for a day off ending up inform the whole company he’s sick, gets massive prayers – WATCH

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — FOX4’s Nick Vasos wasn’t feeling well and attempted to email the bosses to let them know he needed to take Friday off, but what ended up happening has people everywhere laughing.

Instead of simply emailing the bosses, Vasos emailed the entire company–nearly 200 TV stations–and the entire company responded. Now he has thousands of people praying for him.

Source: Nick Vasos sends email to say he’s sick, ends up emailing the entire company


Could Working From Home Be Detrimental To Your Mental Health?

Experts say remote workers often struggle more with depression and anxiety than their peers in a traditional workplace.

Source: Could Working From Home Be Detrimental To Your Mental Health?

FAKE SMILING linkS TO more drinking after work

Employees who force themselves to smile and be happy in front of customers — or who try to hide feelings of annoyance — may be at risk for heavier drinking after work, according to researchers.

Source: Forcing a smile for customers linked with more drinking after work

Five healthy diet tips for office goers

These healthy diet tips will help you stay fit and healthy during your office and at your workspace.

Source: Five healthy diet tips for office goers

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