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Woman who feels no pain could help scientists develop new painkillers

Jo Cameron, a 71-year-old Scottish woman, has never needed to take painkillers after seeing the dentist and can eat spicy Scotch bonnet chilis without … Read More …


Young mum delivers healthy twins one MONTH after giving birth to baby boy

Arifa Sultana, 20, from Bangladesh, welcomed a premature baby boy through a normal delivery. Read More …

Travel Blogger Nicole Isaacs Flaunts Serious Cleavage In Skimpy Bikini

Travel blogger Nicole Isaacs has been traveling the globe, taking in the sights and wonders of our beautiful world– and snapping sultry photos of herself along … Read More …

The best places to be a woman around the world

Apartment rental company Nestpick have compiled the Women’s Liveability Index, revealing the best places in the world for women to live. The battle for gender … READ MORE …

First Person on Mars Will ‘Likely’ Be a Woman, Says Head of NASA

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine was a guest on the radio show “Science Friday” last week. During his appearance on the show, Bridenstine said that a woman is “likely to be” the first person on Mars. . . . READ MORE >>>

How this French health blogger came to inspire women worldwide

Marie-Charlotte Chatelain is a 29-year-old, French-born healthy living blogger who wants to remind women they should never compare themselves to anyone … . . . READ MORE >>>