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Looking for Some of the Best Wine in the Midwest? Try Omaha, Nebraska

Nebraska’s wine scene is anything but flat. Omaha has a wealth of world-class dining options and some of the best wine lists in the Midwest.

Source: Looking for Some of the Best Wine in the Midwest? Try Omaha, Nebraska


Best Winery Destinations In Europe

Out of many intoxicating beverages available in the market, Wine offers a special significance. With history dating back to Christ era, Wine tasting is considered to be a subtle art along with a ritual with sanctity as well. As times passed by, the making of wine has become quite an interesting activity which makes an […]

Source: Best Winery Destinations In Europe | CEOWORLD magazine

11 Things You Need to Know Before You Go to Napa and Sonoma

Make the most of your Wine Country visit with these winery, hotel, and other tips.

Northern California’s Wine Country is a reasonably straightforward destination. Most wineries are on or just off major thoroughfares (of which there aren’t many), and the food here is so good it’s difficult to make a lousy dining choice. Still, a few things are helpful to know ahead of your trip or once you’ve arrived. From making reservations at The French Laundry and avoiding sticker shock at restaurants and hotels to visiting wineries, tipping, and traveling with kids, below are our tips for making the most of your Napa and Sonoma vacation.

5 of the best apps for wine fans (experts view) 

The world of wine can be overwhelming for beginners thankfully, the experts at Cult Wines have put together a list of the best fine wine apps to help.

Tom Gearing, the managing director of Cult Wines and runner up in Season Eight of the BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’ said: “wine apps are great for novice enthusiasts to get the closest they can to a conversation with a wine expert. Through apps you are able determine what key fragrances, tastes and regions you really like and that’s a great starting point.”

With over a decade of fine wine investment and collection management services to a global audience, it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about wines.

Source: 5 of the best apps for wine fans (experts view) – Scotsman Food and Drink

New study finds that wine prevents sore throats and dental plaque

Happy, happy news.

Still suffering the lingering effects of your bank holiday weekend hangover? Don’t worry – a new study has found that drinking wine could actually have some health benefits – and that’s both red and white.

Great news if you’re big on your vino. Scientists have found that wine is actually a disinfectant for germs, including those that cause dental plaque and sore throats.

Source: New study finds that wine prevents sore throats and dental plaque

15 Things to Eat and Drink in Napa and Sonoma

Wine is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tickling your palate in Napa and Sonoma. From sorbet brunch mimosas and doughy breakfast muffins to steak and a Cab for dinner or day boat scallops in a puff pastry—not to mention red wine truffles for dessert, all-day sipping (a cult Cab, vinegar “shrubs,” iconic craft brews), and late-night snacking (a famous chef’s lobster corn dog)—we’ve got you covered.