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VIDEO: CRAZY Fight of Python, honey badger and 2 jackals in Africa  – WATCH

A shocking video of a python, honey badger and two jackals fighting each other has gone viral after a group of tourists recorded it on safari in Africa.

Source: Shocking video of python, honey badger and jackals fighting each other goes viral


Huge Moose Stuck in Swimming Pool, Gets Coaxed Out in New Hampshire – WATCH =>

 New Hampshire Fish and Game biologists and local conservation officers helped coax a moose out of a swimming pool Tuesday night in Bedford.

Officials said the young bull moose accidentally found its way into the pool and was unable to get out after several hours, in part because the pool had no stairs.

Source: Wild video shows moose being coaxed out of swimming pool

WATCH: CRAZY Video Shows Cheetah Jumps on Top of Open Jeep During Safari Trip in Africa

SERENGETI, Tanzania — Tourists from New Jersey on vacation in Tanzania got a great view of a cheetah on their safari.

In fact, it was closer than they may have wanted.

The Shimek family, of Summit, was on a safari in the Serengeti when the cheetah jumped onto the roof of an open-top Jeep in their group.

There were two people inside the vehicle along with a guide.

Source: Video: Cheetah jumps on top of open Jeep on African safari

WATCH: AMAZING Moment When Squirrel Enjoys A Flower’s Aroma

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A few more frames from the serie of the curious ground Squirrel smelling the yellow flower. Last week these pictures were published in: @newyorkpost @dailymail @dailymirror @foxnews @thesun #squirrel #nuts_about_wildlife #animalelite #splendid_animals #shots_of_animals #animals_captures #all_animals_addiction #marvelouz_animals #nature #natures #naturelovers #nature_sultans #bns_nature #nature_perfection #nature_good #nature_brilliance #9vaga_naturemiracles9 #wildlife #wildlifephotography #wildlifeonearth #wildlifeplanet #wildlife_inspired #featured_wildlife #wildgeography #wildplanet #ourplanetdaily #earthpix #earthcapture #ig_fotografdiyari @bbcearth @wildlife.hd @discovery @natgeoyourshot @nikoneurope @instagram

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He had to stay there two hours to get the shot.

Even the squirrels want to stop to smell the flowers — and eat them, too.

A photographer from the Netherlands traveling in Austria got a photo of a squirrel taking a big whiff of a daisy. It even looked like it was hugging the flower before taking some nibbles out of it.

Source: Photographer captures moment a squirrel stopped to smell a flower

WATCH: FUNNY Video Shows Drunk Raccoons Stumbling Around Canadian Town in Ontario

On Monday, Emily Rodgers arrived home to find one of the normally nocturnal creatures nearly knocked out in her southwest Ottawa backyard.

“He couldn’t really move. He was dragging his legs, he was wobbling, having a hard time standing up. You could tell something was wrong with him for sure,” Rodgers said.

After watching the raccoon for several hours, Rodgers called 311 and city workers came to remove the animal.

Source: ‘Drunk’ raccoons seen stumbling around Stittsville

WATCH: Killer Whales ‘Greeting Ceremony’ Caught on Video

What unfolded before my eyes was what’s known as a “greeting ceremony,” and it is infrequently observed when two or more pods who have been foraging separately come together. Killer whales are extraordinarily social creatures, so it is probably not surprising to see them devising formal ceremonial behavior like this. Orca cultures vary widely, but this one is peculiar to the Southern Residents.