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10 Unusual Yet Interesting Attractions In New York City

The Big Apple is full of surprises and most visitors have a list of must-see attractions when planning their visit. First-timers may put the Empire State Building or Rockefeller Center on that list. Repeat visitors may venture into one of the city’s many museums, or take in a Broadway show. Continue at Source: 10 Unusual Yet Interesting Attractions In New York City


10 Weirdest Walking Tours In The World

Not all tours must be done via public transportation, and walking tours can very much be about getting a ‘local’ feel for a travel destination. For some, we don’t need to look very far; walking tours exist all over the world. Part of the fun of a walking tour is being able to experience everything outside of a mode of public transportation. However, some are definitely stranger than others. Continue at Source: The 10 Weirdest Walking Tours In The World

10 most incredible ice bar-cafes to freeze the heat around the world

Grab an ice-cold cocktail, put on your fur coats and relive your winter days with these exquisitely designed, popular ice bar-cafes

The Gya Meeru village Ice Café mirrors a castle straight out of a fairy tale. It is built as a giant conical structure known as an ice stupa and its façade is a textural sensation of icicles. The cafe is built in a very interesting manner—by allowing glacial water to fall, freeze and thicken around a conical net. Important to note, the café is around only until mid-May every year. Post that, the water melts and collect in tanks through a complex network of pipes, and is used to irrigate agricultural lands in the region. Serving the regions local delicacies such as ginger lemon tea, butter tea and noodles, this innovative structure in Ladakh is India’s first ever ice resto-café. See more at Source: Top Restaurants: Dispel the heat with these ice bar-cafes around the world

5 of the most unique accommodations around the world

From the tropics to the arctic, here are five of the most unique accommodations from around the world and where you can find them.

Over half of Canadian travellers say their most prominent motivation for travel is to escape from their normal lives, and 63% reveal that they value experiences over material possessions. Additionally, the era of Instagram-able travel has arisen, and unique accommodations offer the perfect statement piece for experience curators looking to capture content, stays, and overall experiences somewhere ‘less travelled.’  See more at Source: 5 of the most unique accommodations around the world

These 10 Hair-Raising Empty Hotels May Freak You Out

People just love being scared and going where they shouldn’t. These 10 Creepy Abandoned Hotels from across the world are the 10 you need to see.

The modern hotel is derivative of the 17th-century inn. The medieval hotels manifested in European culture as a means to provided temporary shelter to traveling nomads. Since this conception, many hotels have come and gone, though some of them are still holding fast to their grounds. All around the world, the bones of former hotels lay abandoned with nothing but eerie remnants of their former glory. The sight of these places gives off a creepy essence, with only the imagination to give way to what may have happened in the halls of these hotels.

Source: 10 Creepy Abandoned Hotels From Around The World You Need To See

World’s weirdest tourist attractions

Just when you think you’ve seen it all. Along comes an island filled with creepy dolls. Along comes a theme park strewn with phalluses.

Source: World’s weirdest tourist attractions