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Trump sanctions Turkey for Attacking Kurds in Syria – WATCH =>

President Trump issued a statement citing he will impose sanction on Turkey for ‘destabilizing actions in northeast Syria’, this came one week after he announced withdrawal of troops out of Syria leading to Turkey activated ‘Operation Peace Spring’ attacking the Kurds in Syria.


Kurds suffering, ISIS rising as Trump orders all U.S. solders out of Syria – WATCH =>

Kurds military leader to Trump: You’re Leaving us to be slaughtered – WATCH =>

Turkish Military Attacks US Special Force Accidentally – WATCH =>


A contingent of U.S. Special Forces was caught up in Turkish shelling against U.S.-backed Kurdish positions in northern Syria, days after President Donald Trump told his Turkish counterpart he would withdraw U.S. troops from certain positions in the area. A senior Pentagon official said shelling by the Turkish forces was so heavy that the U.S. personnel considered firing back in self-defense.

Newsweek has learned through both an Iraqi Kurdish intelligence official and the senior Pentagon official that Special Forces operating on Mashtenour hill in the majority-Kurdish city of Kobani fell under artillery fire from Turkish forces conducting their so-called “Operation Peace Spring” against Kurdish fighters backed by the U.S. but considered terrorist organizations by Turkey. No injuries have been reported.

Instead of returning fire, the Special Forces withdrew once the shelling had ceased. Newsweek previously reported Wednesday that the current rules of engagement for U.S. forces continue to be centered around self-defense and that no order has been issued by the Pentagon for a complete withdrawal from Syria.

Source: American forces come under Turkish artillery fire in Syria…

President Trump on if he has blood on his hands in Syria – WATCH =>

Kurds Are Being ‘Slaughtered’ and Trump, Rand Paul Have ‘Blood’ on Their Hands – WATCH =>

On Thursday’s broadcast of ABC’s “The View,” co-host Meghan McCain criticized President Donald Trump for withdrawing U.S. troops out of Northern Syria which is allowing Turkish forces to attack the Kurds.

“There is blood on anyone’s hands, starting with his and President Trump, who’s letting this happen because there are people being slaughtered after standing with our troops in the Middle East for an extremely long time, fighting against terror cells,” she continued. “We are not entering into a foreign war. They are proxies supporting us. The whole point of having proxies is, so we don’t get into another war. Have we not learned the lessons of 9/11? I don’t understand it! I’m sorry I’m upset, but this has been going on for a week. These people are being killed and slaughtered!”

Source: Meghan McCain: Donald Trump, Rand Paul Have ‘Blood’ on Their Hands — Kurds Are Being ‘Slaughtered’