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7 Must-See Attractions In Vienna

You don’t have to find the things to do in Vienna so much as they find you. Whether it’s just taking a walk through the Naschmarkt, the splendid open-air food market on the west side of town, lounging with the papers over an excellent cup of coffee in Cafe Diglas, picnicking with the Viennese as they take in the open-air films in the mayor’s office forecourt, booking a concert at the renowned Vienna Philharmonic, or hitting one of the party barges lining the Danube, it’s all there, easy and natural. Vienna suggests its own pleasures. Here are the some must-see attractions while in Vienna. Continue at Source: Best Things To Do In Vienna


7 Best Hotels In Vienna

Electic, lovely, quirky, witty, confident in themselves, even a little ironic—Vienna’s hotels are all of those things. It comes from the city having been the seat of one of the world’s most powerful dynasties, that of the Habsburgs, for 700 years. And the style also comes from having that Empire lost. The Viennese have had to develop a sharp sense of humor about that, and one can feel that in every corner of every cafe. It’s also striking that, once you hit this town, you feel like you’re on board the mother ship of that old dynasty. All of Central Europe looks to Vienna. It’s the reason to go—and here are the best hotels. Continue at Source: Best Hotels In Vienna

7 Best Hotels To Stay In Vienna

A traveler’s guide to the best hotels in Imperial Vienna.

Vienna and the Viennese are not defined by the Ringstraße—the ring road that circles the historic heart of the city—but the Ringstraße does affect movement around town in that it makes it all easier. In the imperial Vienna of the preceding centuries, the street did serve as a kind of demarcation line in defining proximity to the Habsburg court. The closer you were to the Hofburg, the Court Castle, the better.

Except for those families already so close or so powerful that being ”inside” the Ring didn’t matter, such as the princely Schwarzenbergs. A super-sized likeness of the Napoleonic-era’s Field Marshal Schwarzenberg sits astride his war horse at Schwarzenbergplatz, just south of the Ring. The current Prince Schwarzenberg, the 32nd generation of royal Schwarzenbergs Europe, still keeps a flat in one wing of the immense Palais Schwarzenberg behind the statue. The other wing is the Swiss Embassy—that’s Vienna.

Here’s where to stay in the city: Continue at Source: Where To Stay In Vienna

24 Hours In Vienna: See A Stunning European City Without Taking Annual Leave

Annual leave days are some of the most precious things in existence. Thing is, between festivals, weddings, vacations and family bits they seem to disappear in the blink of an eye. When they’re gone, they’re gone. I feel proper crappy when I get to the point of only having one or two left for the … Continue at Source: 24 Hours In Vienna: See A Stunning European City Without Taking Annual Leave