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Black Man Sues Police Racist for Throwing Him in Jail Because of His Car Windows SO DARK

A Franklin man says he doesn’t feel safe and is filing an excessive force lawsuit against the Franklin Police Department after getting thrown in jail for a traffic violation.

Timothy Hamilton believes he’s the victim of severe racial profiling. Cell phone video obtained exclusively by FOX 17 News shows the tense moments Hamilton got handcuffed in September 2018. He says it all started with two Franklin Police officers telling him his window tint was too dark.

Source: Man files excessive force lawsuit against Franklin Police


GENIUS! Montana Grandma Scares Speeding Driver Using Just Her Hair Dryer as Speed Gun

POLSON, Mont. — A grandmother in Montana is now an honorary state trooper, KPAX reports.

She wants cars in her neighborhood to slow down, so she took matters into her owns hands with a hair dryer.

Patti Baumgartner had a picture of her sitting with her hair dryer on the side of the road go viral on social media.

A mom and a grandma, Baumgartner wants cars in her neighborhood to slow down for people’s safety.

Source: Montana woman uses hair dryer to deter speeding drivers

WATCH: Police Officer Shoots Woman with Her Hands Up For Running Stop Sign

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. New dashcam video shows the moment a Paisley woman was shot by a Lake County sheriff’s deputy, as he faces allegations he lied to state investigators about what happened.

They said Deputy Richard Palmer spotted a car running a stop sign on Nancy Drive in Paisley. That is when Palmer is seen on video pulling her over.

The video shows the driver, 54-year-old Robin Pearson, getting out of her car with her hands up, and that is when she appeared to be shot by Palmer.

Source: Dash video shows Lake County deputy shooting driver

Apple unveils Apple TV+, the new home for the world’s most creative storytellers

Apple’s Original Video Subscription *Service* in the All-New Apple TV App will Give Users Access to Exclusive Original Shows, Movies and Documentaries. READ MORE …

Hundreds of hotel guests were secretly filmed and live-streamed online – South Korea


CRAZY VIDEO of Giant python eating bird on the roof of Australian house filmed by owner

Source: Carpet python devours currawong on roof in viral video