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Travel Guide: Where to Eat and Visit in San Diego (for Vegans)

A vibrant mix of locally inspired flavours, from the simple to sophisticatedly artful, San Diego’s proximity to the ocean and Mexico has influenced both the local cuisine and culture, known as Cali-Baja, which sits at the intersection of two culinary styles: California cuisine, distinguished for its devotion to fresh local ingredients and farm-to-table roots, and Mexico’s Baja Med cuisine, a food revolution that combines traditional Mexican ingredients with those of the Mediterranean. Continue at Source: A vegan’s guide to… San Diego


6 Healthy Eating Habits We Should Learn from Vegans

Let’s look into some of the healthiest vegan habits you should adopt, even if you love meat.

It’s hard to convince everyone to go vegan. However, we can all enjoy some of the astounding benefits of a plant-based diet without giving up animal-based foods.

Instead of criticizing vegans, learn from them. After all, numerous studies show that increasing the intake of plant-based foods improves our health and helps the environment. Read more at Source: 6 Healthy Vegan Habits Everyone Should Adopt | Care2 Healthy Living

Vegans Are More Optimized to Walk The Earth Longer Than The Rest of Us

New study says vegans have lower levels of fat and higher levels of antioxidants in their body. •Research has shown that antioxidants may prevent certain …

Source: Vegans are the Healthiest and May Outlive Us All, Says Study

8 Best Complete Protein Foods for Vegans and Vegetarians

Unlike some protein-rich foods, complete protein foods have all nine essential amino acids. Check out our list of the best plant-based complete protein foods. READ MORE …

More places in Kelowna to eat plant-based meat

Vegans and Vegetarians have a few more places to indulge. READ MORE …

If You’re a Vegetarian and Curious About Going Low-Carb, You Need to Read This

Going low-carb means cutting back on staples like grains, starchy vegetables, and fruit and replacing them with other veggies, proteins, and healthy fats.

Source: If You’re a Vegetarian and Curious About Going Low-Carb, You Need to Read This