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Vaping DESTROYS Your Lungs’ Cells and RUINS Your Immune System, Scientists Finally Conclude

Vapour from e-cigarettes can kill off cells which line human airways, new research has suggested.

study by scientists at the University of Adelaide in Australia found fumes from three types of apple-flavoured vaping liquid could destroy bronchial epithelial cells.

These line the respiratory system and are important for keeping the lungs and airways clean.

The researchers also discovered the vapour could interfere with the immune system, in particular by disrupting macrophages: white blood cells which digest and store unhealthy cells and foreign debris.

Source: Vapour from e-cigarettes can kill cells that protect lungs and damage immune system, study concludes


LOOK AT This Lung Filled with Oil From Vaping

Shocking scan images show the damaged lungs of a 19-year-old boy whose vaping habit almost left him dead.

Anthony Mayo, 19, of Erie, Pennsylvania, became seriously ill last week, struggling to breathe, looking pale and feeling sick.

Doctors found his lungs had become severely congested with solidified vape oil, likened to cooking grease that hardens after being cooled.

It had caused Anthony, who had been vaping for around two years, to have ‘the lungs of a 60-year-old, two-pack-a-day, smoker’, his father, Keith Mayo, was told.

He revealed Anthony liked to try different flavours, and has previously vaped blue raspberry, Swedish fish, cotton candy and cinnamon toast crunch.

Anthony also vaped THC on occasion, which is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

Source: Shocking scans show how vaping left a 19-year-old’s lungs filled with solidified oil

Vaping is EVEN More Dangerous, If You Do It This Way

What have we have found so far?
  • Puff flow rate alters the nature of the aerosol, so users can control the strength of each puff simply by altering the way they puff.
  • E-cigarette users change their puffing flow rate when they switch flavors or nicotine levels and are altering their exposure to harmful or potentially harmful constituents.
  • For a given e-cigarette brand and flavor, there is a wide range of use behaviors, such as puff flow rates and puff durations.
  • Machine replays of vapor behaviors show exposure varies over a wide range for any given product.
  • Some e-cigarette users puff all day long, whereas others puff in more discrete time intervals, similar to smoking.
  • Even if there is less nicotine per puff in some cases for e-cigarettes compared to cigarettes, e-cigarette users can indeed consume the same amount or more nicotine in a day compared to smoking.

Source: The Way You Vape Could Make It Even More Dangerous, CDC Says

BACK TO SMOKE, VAPE: DANGEROUS! WATCH: Doctor Tells Patients To Quit Vaping, Pick Up A Joint Instead

People are dying from vaping-related lung illnesses. And it’s highlighting a growing concern: There’s no federal regulation of marijuana products

DENVER — Cancer-care expert Dr. Diana Martins-Welch finds herself in an unusual position: Last week she started telling her medical marijuana patients to quit vaping cannabis and pick up a joint instead.

“I would never have thought I’d be in a position to tell someone to smoke marijuana. But if the choice is between smoking and vaping, smoke marijuana.”

Martins-Welch specializes in caring for patients with cancer and chronic pain, and she’s certified more than 700 of them to use marijuana under New York’s tightly controlled cannabis program, which permits vape extracts with THC, the component of marijuana that produces a high, but bans joints.

Source: Pick up a joint instead: Vaping illnesses highlight flawed marijuana regulations

Access to e-cigarettes will improve Australia’s health

Research including the University of Melbourne finds if existing smokers swap to e-cigarettes or vaping it can have a big net health gain for the entire country. . . . READ MORE >>>

Why kids just won’t stop vaping despite the risks #vape #vaping #cigarette #teenager #adolescents #health #family #unhealthy #life #highschool #parents

A study of adolescents shows vaping is still a problem among teens with many not understanding the risks.

Source: YOUR HEALTH: Why kids just won’t stop vaping despite the risks