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SEE IT: With $7.5 million, you could own your own lake near Vancouver

VANCOUVER — A unique property listing for sale in Abbotsford would give the future owner access to their own private lake.

The Laxton Lake Estate, located in the midst of farmland, is up for sale for $7.5 million, and includes a four-bedroom home, a three-car garage and a caretaker’s suite on 80 acres of land. The lake is 50 acres.

Source: For $7.5 million, you could own your own lake near Vancouver


Fireworks has just been banned in Vancouver, Canada

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — Vancouver city council has voted to ban the sale and use of consumer fireworks. Vancouver has become the latest municipality to ban the use of personal fireworks Tuesday. Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services joined the conversation calling for a ban after seeing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages after Halloween night.

Source: Vancouver bans the future sale of fireworks

WATCH: Live-streamed VIDEO of ‘Game of Thrones’ star Jason Momoa stuck in ELEVATOR – Vancouver

The next time Hollywood actor Jason Momoa comes to Vancouver, he probably won’t be staying at L’Hermitage.

The star of “Aquaman” and “Game of Thrones” became trapped in the luxury hotel’s elevator on Monday night along with five friends and a dog.

Momoa broadcasted live video of the predicament to his 13 million social media followers, complaining that they were stuck for at least two hours with only M&Ms to eat and beer to drink.

Source: ‘Aquaman’ star Jason Momoa left stuck in Vancouver elevator

“I’m hungry! Help me! Get me out!” yelled the friend as he furiously pushed buttons, while a man and two other women were already slumped on the floor munching M&M candy and drinking cans of beer.

“Bust that s— out, man,” Momoa quipped, before explaining their predicament to fans. “We’re stuck in an elevator. Fire department doesn’t really wanna show up… Hey, get us out!”

However, the group kept in good spirits, as they jokingly discussed who they should eat first, if they were held in the elevator for a long time, while sharing the food and drink they had.

Source: Jason Momoa live-streams fans while ‘stuck in a f—ing elevator’ with dog at Vancouver hotel

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau stops for a beer at Vancouver gay bar

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — It may have been the first time a sitting Prime Minister has visited a gay bar.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stopped in for a beer at the Fountainhead Pub in Vancouver’s West End early Monday evening. NEWS 1130’s Taran Parmar was there.

“We’re kicking off pride week here in Vancouver — that’s definitely one way to do it,” she says. “To see Prime Minister Justin Trudeau walk into a bar here on Davie Street, a packed bar at that.” This is the first time a sitting Canadian PM has visited a gay bar, and may even be the first instance the leader of a country has done this.

Source: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stops for a beer at Vancouver gay bar

Trans woman who filed a controversial human rights complaint against salons over claims she was refused services, including Brazilian waxes, is accused of engaging in ‘inappropriate sexual behaviors’ with a 14-year-old girl

Vancouver ‘s Jessica Yaniv filed a complaint with B.C. Human Rights Tribunal in 2018 alleging 16 spas refused to wax her – including Brazillian waxes- because she is a male to female trans woman.

Yaniv is a male to female transgender woman who has not yet had sex-reassignment surgery, meaning she has male genitalia.

Watch this mesmerizing time-lapse video to fall in love again with the STUNNING Vancouver

Crossing the city from mountains to shores, day to night, and from landmarks to landscapes, this evocative video captures some of Vancouver’s loveliest places and moments.

We know we’re pretty photogenic here in Vancouver, and a beautiful place to visit and live. The camera loves scenic Vancouver, as countless videos shared online prove over and over again.

Source: Watch this mesmerizing time-lapse video showcasing stunning Vancouver