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Man beats wife’s head 30 times to death after she calls him useless in sex =>

Liverpool Crown Court heard David Pomphret beat his ‘volatile’ wife over the head 30 times after she called their daughter a ‘fat slag’, called him ‘limp and useless’ and slapped him across the face

Source: Hen-pecked husband killed wife after she mocked him over erectile dysfunction


BEWARE! WATCH: Shocking Footage: CRUEL Thug Breaks Senior’s Arm to Rob Her Bag in England Broad Daylight

The 79-year-old victim was dragged to the ground as a hooded man made off with her bag in Kettering, Northamptonshire

Shocking footage shows the moment the 79-year-old victim was pounced on before being dragged down the street.

A hooded man can be seen in the distressing clip running towards the woman, wearing a pink coat, before swooping down and grabbing her bag.

As he tries to run off with it, the woman is pulled backwards onto the ground.

She releases her grip from her bag before the man flees leaving the injured pensioner shaken and struggling to get back to her feet.

Source: Elderly woman’s arm broken as thug robs her handbag as she walks down street

WATCH LIVE: Boris John Suspends Parliament & MPs Debate Early Election Amid Brexit Crisis

BREAKING: Young Man Shot to Death outside Lloyds Bank Following Car Chase on Venner Road, Sydenham, UK

A man in his 20s has died after being shot in broad daylight in a south east London street.

Police were called to reports of ‘suspicious activity’ in Sydenham at 3.45pm today and found a young man with gunshot wounds.

Despite the efforts of ambulance crews, the man tragically died at the scene five minutes later.

Photographs from the scene show police tape blocking off an area that contains a Lloyds bank.

A statement from the Metropolitan Police says: “Police were called at 15:45hrs on Sunday, 8 September to reports of suspicious activity in Sydenham Road, SE29.

“Officers attended. Shots were subsequently heard and firearms officers were also called to the scene along with the London Ambulance Service.

Source: BREAKING Sydenham shooting: Man, 20s, dies after being gunned down outside Lloyds bank

WATCH LIVE: UK Parliament Debate Brexit Leading to Boris Johnson Threatens To Call Early Election

EMOTIONAL! WATCH: TEARFUL Portuguese Woman Interrupts Sky News TV Live over ‘Brexit’: I Gave My Youth for This Country, Now You Kick Me Out with What?


A woman interrupted a live television interview and gave a heartwrenching speech which laid bare the impact of Brexit on EU citizens living in the UK.

The Portuguese woman fought back tears as she said she had ‘given up her youth’ to the UK during a protest against prorogation in London on Wednesday.

She revealed she had ‘looked after children and the elderly’ in the UK for some 20 years but had ‘no voice’ and faced being deported after October 31.

The woman has since been named as Ana Rocha, who was born in Lisbon and is a healthcare worker specialising in looking after people with disabilities.

She has now revealed she has moved to work and live in Scotland for ‘fear of reprisals.’

Source: Moment a Portuguese woman interrupts a live Sky News broadcast