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15 Uber’s most visited attractions in the world

These are the tourist attractions you Uber to most frequently: Uber’s most visited attractions in the world


WATCH: World’s first rideshare submarine by Uber in australia

And yes, it’s legit.

Has the novelty of catching a regular old Uber worn off? Well, it might be time to book that trip to the Great Barrier Reef, because the rideshare platform is about to launch a brand-new service unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Uber and the Queensland tourism board have teamed up to create scUber – the world’s first rideshare submarine and yes, it’s legit. Watch the full clip above to see it in action.

Source: Uber to launch world’s first rideshare submarine on the Great Barrier Reef

Best Places To Eat in LA according to Uber, Lyft drivers

You’ve been in the car for what seems like hours. You’re far from home. You’re hungry. Where do you stop for a quality bite when you’re not feeling the fast food …

Source: The Best Places To Eat When You’re Driving Around LA — According To Uber And Lyft Drivers